This is an example of the construction technique used to make a tube frame to support the winter cover on a boat

Tools Required:  Tube Cutter, Tube Bender, Colored Electrical Tape, Box Wrench and Socket

The entire frame can be constructed using 3/4" EMT tubing. 

Start by mounting a tube, vertically, in the center of the stern rail (using a 3-Way Tee Clamp) and another in the center of the bow pulpit.  Attach a line between them as a guide.  This will assist in maintaining uniform height and center alignment while constructing the frame.

The height of the ridge pole from the deck should be high enough to provide a good slope so rain and snow can easily slide off.

The ridge pole is joined together using the 3-Way Tee Clamps.  The 3-Way Tee Clamps also secure the vertical support tubes going down the deck. 

Measure the height from the deck to to top of the stanchion.  Add 2" and start the bend at that point.  These tube members, going to port and starboard, are connected to the ridge pole using the 4-Way Adjustable Clamps.

Use a white rubber crutch tip, with a stainless steel washer at the base, on all vertical tubes to prevent the tube from cutting through the rubber crutch tip.

The port and starboard tube frame members are attached to the stanchions using the Parallel Clamps.

Additional cross members can be added in areas where large spans may exist by utilizing the 4-Way Fixed Clamps.

Consider using colored electrical tape to identify the various tube sections.  This will aid in reassembly of the frame in future sessions.  Identify the ridge pole with blue tape.  Identify the port frame members with red tape.  Identify the starboard frame members with green tape.   Starting at the bow, use one band on the first section, two bands on the second, etc.